How to clean your Cast-Iron Skillet

Cast-Iron Skillets are essential additions to your kitchen tool-set. They are black and notably more heavy than your normal kitchen pan. If properly cared for, a good cast-iron skillet can last you for a lifetime.

The Vanilla Gorilla Kitchen is gonna give you some quick advice on how to clean your cast iron-skillet.

Soap and water should only be used for cleaning a cast-iron skillet in harsh conditions. For all other circumstances:

  1. Heat then skillet up to a very high temperature​. (smoke point)
  2. Clean out the skillet using hot water and a wash cloth.
  3. While the skillet is still hot, give it a modest coat of vegetable oil.​

Rust can build up in a cast-iron skillet when it isn’t properly cleaned.  If any rust shows on your skillet, it can be removed using water and a wash cloth. 

cast iron skillet

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